5 Otherworldly Mystics


Five mystics that can see into the unknown.

  1. The Split Empress – A legendary queen of old who lead her nation to greatness, predicting all future attacks. She was called the Split Empress due to her hair and eyes. Her hair was split down the middle, black and white, while her eyes had hetereochromia.
  2. Queen Dahlia, the Burdened – She has suffered from a debilitating illness since childhood, which in her adult life now manifests as invasive prophetic dreams. She rarely makes public appearances and has relinquished most of her legal powers to her advisors due to her condition. What the kingdom doesn’t know is that her court wizard, a chronomancer, is secretly experimenting on her under the guise of fighting her sickness.
  3. The Starsworn – An ancient celestial crystal golem, whose origins only it seems to remember. The Starsworn can sense the will of divine beings, and uses this knowledge to predict the future with uncanny accuracy. He speaks only in rhyme and riddle, however, and if the day of the year is odd, he will tell you the opposite of what he predicts. The Starsworn is also a powerful wizard, but seldom does he desire to act, preferring to let the futures he predicts unfold of their own accord.
  4. Unknowable One – This aboleth is blind in one eye, but that eye can see into the future with unerring accuracy. Getting an understandable (or willingly given) answer is difficult if not impossible. The aboleth uses his knowledge of the future to benefit his kind’s plans.
  5. Rorgar the Prepared – Formerly just another barbarian mercenary running about the kingdom, Rorgar was badly injured in a dungeon, when an attempt to break through a door with a prybar set off an explosive trap, driving the prybar through Rorgar’s cheek and out the top of his head. While the cleric saved his life, Rorgar came back… strange. Now, during a long rest, he receives visions of the rages he will experience during the following day, granting him foreknowledge of where he will fight, and what he will need. He has parlayed his tactical advantages to establish himself as a potent warlord, leading a band notorious for stabbing their way out of ambushes that should have been perfect.

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