Six Secret Societies


Here are six secret societies that you can drop into your own world. Will your players encounter them?

  1. The Guild of Undertakers and Gravediggers has a secret: the town was built on the site where an evil, nameless god was slain millenia ago and anyone buried there will arise as undead in three days. They have a ritual they perform out of sight of the deceased’s loved ones that prevents this, but a necromancer has infiltrated their ranks and has figured out how to reverse it. Unless stopped, the whole area will be awash in undead.
  2. Ancient cult of half-dragons, dragon born, and kobolds, worshipping an ancient, True-Polymorphed wizard, who will refuse to believe their dragon isn’t real.
  3. A secret cabal of merchants that rig the price of a particular raw material in the surrounding towns. When competition arises, they have bandits attack the rival caravans while faking attacks on their own.
  4. A cult of humans that believe elves are favored by the gods due to their grace and longevity. To fool the gods, their priests wear masks and gloves made from the skin of elves and pray to Elven gods for long life. They will kidnap and starve elves and half elves so their skin become looser and easier to remove after they’re killed.
  5. A group of hereditary nobles that were secretly adopted into their families when their parents were unable to conceive children. They secretly fund numerous orphanages and sponsor orphans as apprentices to various guilds. Given that all their wealth and power is built upon their falsified bloodlines, though, they will stop at nothing to preserve their secrets. They may feel terrible about their actions, but they justify it as the only way to protect their good works.
  6. A group of people who have been resurrected and believe themselves to be chosen amongst the masses. They seek to further their agenda of purifying non-believers.

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