Six Interesting and Dangerous Mushrooms


Six interesting and deadly mushrooms that you can place into your world. Will your players harvest them, or be dumb enough to eat them?

  1. Curshroom – Grows in the shape of small white skulls. This mushroom accelerates it’s growth in contact with blood. Eating it can have dire effects, because it will continue to grow at a rapid rate inside you.
  2. Bloomshroom – A small blue mushroom with a frilled cap, it normally grows in clusters and can be easily mistaken for flowers by those with vision problems or distinct lack of plant knowledge. Unlike flowers, however, the scent of these mushrooms cause those that inhale it to sneeze uncontrollably for 1d6 minutes.
  3. Greencap Mushrooms – The brilliantly green colored caps of these mushrooms warn off those who might think about eating them, but the bright green color makes a wonderful dye when large quantities of these are boiled.
  4. Thundercap – A mushroom with a puffy, spongelike appearance. It most often grows where lightning has struck. Brewing it correctly into a potion can give a consumer resistance or immunity to Thunder damage, while failing the process can deafen the drinker for 1d10 days.
  5. Willowshroom – Hundreds of small strands hang down from the mushroom, making it look like a willow tree. It can be made into a poison that dulls the senses, causing an afflicted creature to be unable to feel pain.
  6. Fishfin Mushrooms – Fluted and reminiscent of a fish’s fins, these mushrooms are found on the underside of fallen tree trunks and have the unusual benefit of giving those who consume them (properly prepared) webbed fingers for 1d4 hours. Unfortunately, regular consumption of these leads to the change becoming permanent and the webbing growing thicker, making fingers much harder to move.

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