5 Evil and Mad Rulers


Below are five evil, mad rulers that your players may encounter. They are meant to be enemies that your players can’t just go up and kill. They are incredibly well protected and will take cunning and skill to take them down.

  1. King Theodore Dodds – King Dodds was the cities answered prayer. Everything he said was brilliant and inspired hope in the kingdom. On a hunting trip, the King returned a completely changed man. The truth is, on his hunting trip, he was tracked down and mind-controlled by a small group of Mind Flayers. They are trying to infiltrate the city from the highest level.
  2. The Bloodthirsty Baron – Baron Helmguard rules the city of Hollowfort with an iron grip. Many innocent people have lost their lives because they didn’t obey his orders quick enough. Baron Helmguard’s perfered method of torture is to flay and dismember his victims at the head of the river that runs through town, so that the blood flows through the town and strikes fear into the citizens.
  3. Countess Elizabeth Renheart – Nobody saw Countess Elizabeth after she lost her child. A local male merchant hit her daughter with a cart, and the child never recovered. In a fit of rage, unseen from the public eye, she paid extraordinary amounts of money to a local assassin to kill every single male citizen in the town. No man is safe under Countess Renheart.
  4. Yu’grah Trilis the Charismatic – Yu’Grah is a dark elf with a strange knack for connecting with people. You could say that he often CHARMS new people he meets by his incredibly charismatic ways. Eventually, he worked his way to the top. Yu’Grah was crowned leader of the city after convincing the old king on his death bed that he would make a better heir to the throne than the dying king’s own sons. Yu’Grah had the sons jailed immediately after he was crowned. Yu’Grah is thought to be untouchable because of his mass of charmed followers.
  5. “Deadly” Rachel Talbuk and King Rul’lah – Rachel Talbuk grew in a quiet village outside of the kingdom. At a young age, she witnessed her family slaughtered by King Rul’lah and his passing army. She decided to take revenge. She spent the next 6 years tracking down the whereabouts of the king’s son and used her charm and beauty to get him to fall in love with her. On the night of their wedding, Rachel Talbuk strangled the prince to death, leaving King Rul’lah without an heir. In an act of rage, King Rul’lah locked down the city completely and won’t let anyone in or out until she is found. The truth is, Rachel was able to escape before the prince’s body was even found.

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