10 Things That Are At The Bottom Of The Well


Wells are notoriously pretty creepy. Why don’t you give the wells in your game some intrigue? Roll a d10 and select from the choices below.

  1. A wight dwells in this well. He stealthfully crawls out during the night and brings his captured victims to the bottom of the well.
  2. This well is the entrance to a megadungeon/large cavern complex.
  3. Once blessed by the Elven Demigod of Water, the water in this well doubles the lifespan of those who drink from it.
  4. An invisible imp guards this well. If anyone steals any of his precious water, he will follow them and cause misfortune.
  5. Long ago, someone accidently dropped a healing potion into this well. The water has mysterious healing properties.
  6. An ogre uses this well as a hiding place for his food treasures. Currently inside the well is 18 wheels of cheese and the bottom half of a horse.
  7. An enraged troll lives in the bottom of the well, unable to get out. He was tricked by an adventuring party a few days ago.
  8. This well was used for demonic sacrifices for hundreds of years. Phantoms of those who were brutally sacrificed can be seen at night.
  9. A local boy fell into this well, and his friends are trying to come up with a plan to help him.
  10. Same as above, but the children are dopplegangers trying to capture the players.

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