10 Random Pickpocketed Items


Your player reaches into the pocket of an unsuspecting NPC. What do they find? Each of these items were meant to be starts to, perhaps, a mini adventure of a side quest.

  1. A book written in an exotic language, with a leaf inside from an exotic plant.
  2. A small brass snuff-box filled with a highly refined alchemical powder, possibly poison or a drug of some sort.
  3. A gold coin minted in the currency of a different country.
  4. A small piece of bone with a rune painted on it. The rune is glowing slightly purple.
  5. A small golden hourglass that is missing it’s sand.
  6. A pair of dentures with all sharp teeth made to fit over existing teeth.
  7. A leather pouch filled with nails made of different materials (gold, brass, copper, bronze, steel, etc.)
  8. A list of nobles that live in the area. Three of the names have already been crossed off.
  9. A small gemstone containing a tiny, seemingly nervous looking half-elf frozen in the gem.
  10. A sketchbook consisting of drawings of strange monsters and beasts.

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