10 Noble House Secrets



It sure would be a shame if the common people of the town discovered that the people ruling them had a dark secret. It’s just a rumor, isn’t it?

  1. An elder of the house has long ago made a pact with an otherworldly entity for everlasting prosperity in the region by sacrificing lives of citizens.
  2. The house has a bloodline of mysterious and powerful sorcerers.
  3. The head of this house had a child with a horrible mutation, whom the family disowned and hid from the public out of shame.
  4. The house has actually been a family of doppelgangers for the past few generations, who gradually took the place of the original family and decided that they liked this position.
  5. The current patriarch of the family is wracked with maddening visions of some coming disaster. He hasn’t been seen in public for over a year.
  6. The current lord, Henry XIII, is actually Henry I, who became a lich and continually casts Disguise Self in order to keep anyone from noticing.
  7. Their founders claim to nobility is actually downplayed. They were a much greater hero, but his wife belittled him as much as possible. His true exploits are held in a tome only the family has access to.
  8. The house’s original head’s head is kept deep beneath the estate, his head kept frozen by an enchantment. It’s in good condition, almost mummified by the cold.
  9. The house must sacrifice their firstborns each generation to an arcane entity. This has granted the entity considerable power, both political and magical.
  10. When a member of the house is dying, a child is conceived and the member has their soul put into the child, so they keep living. The body of the child gradually takes on the physical characteristics of the soul’s original, thus the townspeople, not knowing the truth, simply believe each child bears a striking resemblance.

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