While exploring the lair of a necromancer, I’m sure that there are a multitude of items that your players might be interested in. Here are ten items found in a necromancer’s lair for when your players ask.

  1. The talking skull of a long dead merchant that gives useful alchemy advice.
  2. A large vial of dark blood obtained from a demon.
  3. A collection of black candles, each in various height and length.
  4. A cape made out of ghoul skin. When worn, it will mask your scent from other ghouls.
  5. A vial of Holy Water that has been tainted by dark magic.
  6. A wand that animates the dead for a short time.
  7. A featureless black mask that gives you the ability to see if someone is nearing death. When someone’s time is almost up, they produce a red aura that can only be seen through the mask.
  8. A chair made entirely out of dwarven bones.
  9. The Book of the Dead – a tome that lists the names of the recently and ancient deceased and where their remains are located.
  10. The well preserved head of a long dead renowned necromancer. Aspiring necromancers cast Speak with Dead on it to answer their questions.

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