10 Insanity Effects


Did you look upon the visage of a Great Old One? Here are ten random insanity effects that your players can get when the time is right.

  1. The afflicted suffers from autocannabalism, and finds the taste of their own flesh more delicious than anything else.
  2. The afflicted doesn’t feel safe alone, and will panic unless accompanied by another character.
  3. The afflicted, in their madness, cannot comprehend words unless spoken completely backwards.
  4. The afflicted develops the paranoid delusion that a random party member is always watching them.
  5. The afflicted is completely convinced that they have been made god over something incredibly small, specific, and pointless, and they make sure everyone knows about their newfound divinity.
  6. A fear of growing older is instilled in them–and a desperation to never grow feeble. Impatience is formed as a result of the knowledge that with every passing second they are slowly dying, and as such they have a short fuse.
  7. The afflicted develops an uncontrollable fear of water, including ice and bottled water. They may even let themselves die of thirst.
  8. The person decides to create a massive loot hoard, not unlike ones in a red dragon den. Person will take any gold and valuables they see, by whatever means they see fit, and then take them to their home.
  9. The afflicted believes their body parts have separate personalities and spends most of their time trying to broker peace between them.
  10. The afflicted believes to be in a dream, and is constantly trying to wake up. However, they are too afraid to try to commit suicide in order to wake.

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