10 Hallucinations


Can you really believe everything that you see? Roll a d10 and select from the list of random hallucinations below.

  1. There is a worm in your chest trying to eat its way out. You can’t feel it, but the skin on your torso ripples as it burrows beneath.
  2. Colors turn more vivid and out of the corner of your eye, objects dance and laugh at your expense.
  3. A voice is very quietly chanting in Infernal. It seems to be coming from overhead somewhere.
  4. There is always something moving about in the shadows in the corner of your vision.
  5. Every time you look into a mirror, your reflection beckons you closer.
  6. Your weapon begins insulting you, berating you and calling you a failure.
  7. Your fellow party members begin to resemble large, humanoid, chittering crabs. They smell of sea-salt so strongly you want to puke.
  8. You feel as if your fingers and toes are elongating. Hand and foot coverings become unbearable to wear and it is difficult to walk or hold objects.
  9. You feel like your body is slowly melting, like a candle with a too hot flame.
  10. You feel like someone is sneaking up behind you. You hear occasional breathing, footsteps and muffled sounds of movement.

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