10 Demonic Traits


These malevolent entities are the darkness and nightmares of the mortal races given form. They are the product of the misery and pain which engulfs the world and so long as the evils of mortal races continue its self-destructive nature, these beings shall continue to plague the world for all eternity. Roll a d10 and choose from the table below.

  1. Whenever the demon inhales, its lungs glow bright enough to be seen through it’s chest.
  2. The demon is covered in rock like scales that burn like coal for days after being shed.
  3. The demons skin is devoid of pigment and has a slimy texture similar to amphibian skin. Dark blotches appear where it is hit by radiant damage.
  4. The demon’s mouth stretches all the way around its head so that it opens up like a dustbin made of flesh.
  5. The demon’s wings are thin and tattered. Holes and tears speckle the surface.
  6. The demon’s skin is covered in little holes, little worms and maggots occasionally pop out of them and then retreat back down.
  7. The demon has no face, but instead, it’s head has the outlines of fully extended hands and fingers burned into it.
  8. This demon has three rows of baby teeth. The demon did not grow these teeth itself.
  9. This demon has 3 heads, each one on top of the other like a totem pole.
  10. This demon has no skin and secretes foul-smelling blood constantly.

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