10 Cultural Quirks


Your players will eventually come into a village where things might seem a little odd. The culture of this place is something they have never seen before! Roll a d10 and select from the table below to see what culture this location has.

  1. Libraries in this town require you to remove your shoes, and provide you with soft slippers to wear while walking the shelves.
  2. In this village, you greet strangers and acquaintances by clasping their left shoulder, friends or family are clasped on their right.
  3. The women in this communty all have blue feathers in their hair.
  4. Songbirds are seen as a status symbol for a prosperous family. Some of the more wealthy families have many songbirds caged in their homes.
  5. Trees are respected as elders, and many people pride in cultivating a grand variety of species. Different types (evergreen, deciduous, shrubs, etc.) are thought to have different effects, like healing, positivity, or unluckiness.
  6. Everyone in this town greets and wishes farewell with the phrase: “Walk with the moon”.
  7. In this community, everyone has an enormous full-length mirror near their front door. This is to ensure that they aren’t inviting any vampires inside.
  8. Everyone in the communty whistles a similar tune. Its so old that no one remembers the original, so in different communities there are slight variations.
  9. The wearing of bones has become a status symbol in this town. The more rare the monster, the more esteem it carries.
  10. Once a year, during the Festival of the Dead, the people in this community dig up their dead and bury them somewhere else, so that the dead will be confused if they ever return as a zombie.

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