10 Answers To The Question: How Did The Players Meet?


Here are ten answers to the question “Have your players always known each other?”

  1. They grew up in the same area / town / city. They were childhood friends.
  2. Their families knew each other, and would meet at community events.
  3. They met at a tavern not long ago. They were all complaining about the musical talent that night.
  4. One of the party members saved the life of another during a natual disaster.
  5. They met at a school (fighting training/magic).
  6. They met in the military and fought together in battle.
  7. They were hired by the same employer for the same quest.
  8. They are worshipers of the same religion and met at a local temple. (Or helped each other escape?)
  9. They fought each other in a fighting pit once.
  10. They ran into each other in a far out dungeon and helped each other escape.

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